Dragonfly Lures

Dragonfly Lures

This page is for the sell of Dragonfly Lures made by Roger Clos in Florence, KY. Roger saw my photos of Largemouth Bass jumping out of the water and catching pairs of mating/egg laying Dragonflies and began to design a lure. After several years of work he now has a US patent and is set to have a manufacture make his lure. In the mean time he is "hand making" the lures that are pictured below and selling them for $10.00 each.
These handmade lures maybe priceless in just a few years! If you are a collector of fishing lures I would order one now! 07/13/2010.
His business address is:
P.O. Box 6505
Florence, KY 41022
His Business Phone # 513-238-1643
His Website is: www.luresbyClos.com  It is under construction as of 8/2/10.

The Male (blue/green) and Female Darner Dragonfly Lures made by Roger Clos of Dragonflyz LLC.

   Roger's latest creations; the Black Saddleback Dragonfly Lures!

The Male Darner Dragonfly Lure being fished 07/12/2010

Pastor Greg Erway fishing the male Darner Dragonfly Lure 07/12/2010.

Darner Dragonflies often hang from trees early in the day before flying off to the water to lay eggs. If Bass see them on the water they will eat them!

This is a poster I designed for Roger. It is pretty cool and would go well with his "Handmade" Dragonfly lures.
They are "18 X 24" posters at $20.00 each. If you wish one please send check to:
Albert Lavallee, 13 NW Millcreek Rd. Lawton, OK 73505 Add $5.00 for shipping.